Alkaline Food Fruits – Top 5

Alkaline Food Fruits – Top 5
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Over eighty percent of one’s food should comprise of fruits and vegetables if the normal slightly alkaline body ph is to be maintained. A normal body ph of 7.4 has many benefits. Not only does it help to prevent illnesses but also assists in curing them.

With an alkaline ph the life span can be increased too. There are many kinds of alkaline fruits and vegetable one can have. Below is a list of the five top fruits that are alkaline.

Figs are the top form of alkaline fruits. Figs have in them several qualities and help tremendously in alkalizing the body. They can be eaten raw or can be added to any recipe. Dried figs are also alkaline and one can even add then to half a glass of warm water to hydrate them. But since figs are laxative fruits also it is advisable to not have more than a handful in a day.

Another fruit that is alkaline is the apple. An apple a day actually does keep the doctor away, and if the doctor is good looking, well in that case too do not do away the apple, simply get his/her number. Apples are not only loved for their taste but can be consumed in various forms. Cut an apple into small square shapes add a little bit of iodine sea salt and lemon and mix well.

A tangy flavored apple dish is ready. Apples pies smell lovely and this alkaline fruit is used even as a Halloween sweet when dipped in chocolate. Apples are most commonly consumed raw and that is the best way to have this fruit while keeping all their nutrients intact.

Third on the list of fruits that are alkaline are all kinds of sweet grapes. Grapes are easy to carry and consume. They do not involve much chopping and cleaning. This fruit is a favorite with kids and one does not have to run behind them to make them eat some grapes. Just leave a bowl full of grapes lying around while the kids are playing and soon they will all be gone.

Even though raisins are derived from grapes it is best to consume alkaline fruits that are fresh and thoroughly cleaned as opposed to processed alkaline fruits. All the same not only raisins but all dried fruits are alkaline fruits and can be consumed without fear.

If you have ever gotten stitches or broken a bone then for sure bananas must have been recommended for faster healing. This is because apart from being high in calcium bananas are also alkaline fruits. Since fruits that are alkaline help keep the alkaline ph balance of the body they help in the healing process.

For that peachy looking skin and glowing hair have a lot of peaches. Peaches are alkaline fruits and help to give the skin and hair a healthy glow. People who suffer from brittle nails will also find that having fruits that are alkaline helps make their nails stronger. So leave the cream bit out of those peaches and other creams and enjoy the fruit for what it is.

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Alkaline fruits are very healthy and nutritious. A sweet flavor is a good indicator of an alkaline fruit. These fruits should make up large parts of a person’s daily food intake.

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